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"Hey, do you remember if any of the people coming for dinner on Friday have any food restrictions?"

"Do you think they'll remember that our daughter is allergic to peanuts?"

"Is it all fish and seafood that Margaret doesn't eat or just shellfish?"

You can't remember what your friends can and cannot eat, or will not eat, or love to eat? You want to, but so many of your friends now have specific requirements that it has become almost impossible. Sound familiar? Then MyFood is for you. Get the iOS app now or register to be notified when the website is complete

You and your friends each create and maintain your own personal food profile and then exchange it with your friends, family, whomever! If they aren't sharing with you yet, invite them to. If they aren't even using MyFood yet (horrors!), ask them to start. Until then, create your own local profile for them so you can track them yourself.

If you are like us, you probably have a lot of friends who have specific dietary requirements. Some simply have a very narrow range of foods they will eat due to preference. Others have food allergies or intolerances, or have made choices due to personal ethics, or have requirements because of their religion. Maybe it's medications, creams, or additives rather than food that they need to avoid. Whatever the item and whatever the reason, you don't want to have to ask them repeatedly what their restrictions are. What you need is something to help keep track of things, just like we did. It's easy with MyFood.

Using standard social media paradigms, MyFood will make your life easier…and help you avoid situations like the ones above

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Key features of MyFood:

"So many people today, especially children, have severe food allergies. Others are making choices about what they eat based on intolerances, or have ethical or religious restrictions. My wife and I found that we were unable to keep current with the dietary requirements of our daughter's friends and the people we know, so I went looking for an app to help us. I could not find anything that came close to meeting our requirements, so I created MyFood."

Brad Maybee, CEO & Founder of MyFood

The MyFood app is available now in the Apple app store. If you don't have an iOS device, don't worry. You will soon be able take advantage of the MyFood functionality by using the browser on your mobile device or computer. We welcome your feedback at